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Baby Sleep

0 – 2 years old

Is your baby:

  • Being rocked or fed to sleep?
  • Waking numerous times a night?
  • Taking a long time to resettle?
  • Catnapping during the day?
  • Keeping you up all night?
  • Leaving you feeling exhausted, tired, emotional, grumpy with others?

As mum’s ourselves, we have been there and we know how you feel! We also know that it’s a big step to contact someone for help with your baby’s sleep. But we can help…

For younger babies (less than 6 months) we are able to provide you with some advice and guidance around bedtime routines, education about babies sleep, sleep schedules for different age ranges, as well as some gentle sleep techniques to assist your baby to sleep more soundly.

For older babies (6 to 18 months), as a rule of thumb, most babies’ sleep settles around the age of 6 months and they start to sleep for longer periods. However, some babies may still have difficulty settling and take a long time to fall asleep, and/or wake during the night. If this persists, it can be extremely tiring and have a negative impact on your own emotional well-being.

We offer a number of different treatment options, suited to the family, so you can find which treatment suit you and your baby the best.

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