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We are Clinical Psychologists who have been helping individuals and families improve their sleep, anxiety, and overall psychological well-being for many years using the best evidence-based treatments.

Dr Hayley Dohnt

Clinical Psychologist
  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
  • PhD (Clinical Psychology)

Hayley is a Clinical Psychologist who loves helping people improve their sleep and anxiety. She has a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Flinders University.

Hayley has worked for many years assessing, treating and researching sleeping problems. Hayley’s interest in the area of sleep first developed when she completed a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in the area of adolescent sleep at Flinders University, working simultaneously in the Flinders University Child and Adolescent Sleep Clinic. Hayley enjoys helping all age groups improve their sleep.

She has also extensive experience working with children and adolescents to improve their anxiety. She loves helping those with anxiety concerns such as sleep anxiety, generalised anxiety, separation anxiety, specific phobias, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. She has previously worked at Adelaide Paediatrics and the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Hayley uses evidence-based treatments in her practice, drawing from a wide range of modalities including, cognitive and behaviour therapy, mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy, and dialectical behaviour therapy.

Hayley has experience in providing supervision to other psychologists and trainee psychologists in their research theses and clinical training. She has presented on sleeping problems to a broad audience including schools, childcares, parents, medical professionals, and at conferences.

Hayley’s most important role is being a mum to two beautiful boys.

Ms Karina Starkey

Clinical Psychologist
  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
  • Master of Psychology (Clinical)

Karina is a Clinical Psychologist who divides her time between private practice and providing therapy to children and teenagers at the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).

Karina has 14 years’ experience in the assessment and treatment of sleep disorders for all ages. Karina completed her clinical studies at the Flinders University of South Australia, during which time she was trained as a therapist at the reputable Flinders University Child and Adolescent Sleep Clinic.

Alongside Karina’s interest in sleep, she has extensive experience in working with young people and their parents facing a range of complex mental health and behavioural difficulties. These issues include anxiety, depression, trauma symptoms, attachment difficulties and eating disorders, amongst others. Karina has formal training in a range of evidence-based therapies (see below) and she enjoys tailoring treatment to best suit each individual’s needs.


Karina loves her work and she strives to provide a high quality, non-judgemental and warm service to her clients. She acknowledges the courage it takes for people and parents to step forward and seek help. Outside of work, Karina is a mum to two young kids who keep her very busy!

  • Evidence-Based Sleep Therapies – e.g., Bright Light Therapy, Bedtime Restriction, Stimulus Control Therapy
  • Eye Movement and Densensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
  • Parallel Parent-Child Narrative (PPCN)
  • The Adult Exploration of Attachment Interview (AEAI)
  • Family-Based Treatment for Anorexia Nervosa (FBT)

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